I'm Johanna,

I began this business in 2019 off the back of my first triathlon season! It was at a time in my life when I felt pulled in all directions and I had to create the journey ahead.

I was no good at relaxation and needed a productive outlet. I'd thought about an apparel line in my previous sport, motocross, but I had now discovered triathlon and was struggling to find cycling gear that I loved enough to fork out for.

By the end of 2018 I had just resigned from my job to go and spend 5 months in China with absolutely no plan! I wanted to further my Mandarin and create an excuse to visit China again in future. So I got to work scoping out some awesome suppliers who produce top quality cycling and triathlon kit.

It's been an epic journey ever since with lots of new skills learned along the way. I still pinch myself seeing all the trisuits out on course and that will probably never stop.

Ironically China closed down for three years after I left, I'd like to get back again and visit my suppliers. It's a bit harder to do now with a young baby, but that's just one of the epic adventures I'm looking forward to with this business!